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With a mission to “foster a community that appeals to individuals, families, businesses and investors” it is clear that the keepers and visionaries of the city of Columbia Falls, MT are dedicated to preserving the community-oriented spirit of this intimate town. The warmth radiating from the community is visible and ever-abundant; a characteristic giving Columbia Falls its magnetism. The warm essence makes it a great place to live while the tourism, school system, and environment make it a great place to work, learn, and play.

The most securing trait about Columbia Falls is that it is safe. City officials and volunteers pour their hearts and souls into the community with great efforts to keep Columbia Falls safe while encouraging particular rights and freedoms. According to the Web’s city crime archives at, Columbia Falls rated at less than one third of the National Average for Violent Crimes in 2011, placing it among the Safest Cities to live in in the Flathead Valley.

Columbia Falls, Montana

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2.05 sq mi
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2.05 sq mi
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3,087 ft
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4,712 Est.
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Though you can walk down

Though you can walk down the main Nucleus Avenue in town during Heritage Days in the summer, or the Night of Lights in the winter, and know you are safe from harm, you won’t evade the ensnaring excitement of the community crowd cramming downtown for celebration, merriment, and connection.

In the balminess of July Columbia Falls gathers to commemorate their commerce, hobbies, and heritage with festivities of Tic-Tac-Toe Championships, car shows, concerts, barbeques, a farmers market, a free swim at the city pool, a good ol’ fashioned rodeo, and the one-and-only street dance. The nippiness of December will bring again that familiar coziness of communal collaboration but, snuggled in a cozy winter coat with a cup of hot cocoa, you will be singing merry carols in the glimmering glow of Christmas lights while watching the annual Christmas parade.

Such a lively, radiant community can only be built on the back of a strong, stable economy, and as the ‘front porch’ to the glorious Glacier National Park it continues to thrive. Although the enormously supportive community is the foundation for Columbia Falls’ economy, the Park attracts millions of tourists every single year from all over the World. The tourists are a welcomed ‘cementation’ for Columbia Falls’ commerce.

The back bone of the town’s economy stem from the Plum Creek Timber Company, Stoltz Land & Lumber, and the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company. Being among the largest companies in the Flathead Valley, they have a large part in the source for employment. Not to be overlooked, there are many little shops and restaurants, as well, that not only supply the city with jobs and capital, but also with character. From clothing boutiques to antique shops to health-food markets, you’re certain to find what you need throughout the businesses that line the streets of Columbia Falls.

Wild Cat Pride

Among the pride for a family-oriented character and a lively economy is the ‘Wild Cat Pride’. Columbia Falls Wild Cats have a solid reputation for having a fierce school-pride; and with an impressive renown for excelling in the Valley’s sport and Speech events, their pride seems appropriate. In fact, there’s enough talent on the fields and courts that it’s common for Columbia Falls’ students, alumni, and parents to attend extra-curricular events for a zap of entertainment and recreation. Rain or shine, the stands are often packed with fans wearing blue and white, and cheering for their home team.

While recreation isn’t limited to High School Football and Basketball games, in the summertime, many friends and families find recreation at Glacier National Park or on the river in a raft boat.

Big Sky Waterslides

In addition to the array of activities, you will want to visit the Big Sky Waterslides for a splash in the pool, or a ‘swoosh’ down one of the slides! When the day calls for more of a ‘quaint’ afternoon (or even a graduation party), Marantette Park is also suitable for memorable moments with its large gazebo, playground, field, and concert stage. Finally, a quieter day calls for a game of 18 holes at the Meadow Lake Golf Course, tucked in the woods, where you will also discover the Resorts fine restaurant for post-competition eats.

No matter where you go, though, whether it be the parks, the schools, the boutiques, and especially the community events, you can always count on that Columbia Falls warmth and welcome; and it is that simple, yet profound, piece of the Columbia Falls culture that living there is all about.

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