Recent Population Growth in Montana


As many people are aware there continues to be an increase in population in Montana, specifically in Bozeman, Missoula, Whitefish and Kalispell areas. Its hard to blame people for wanting to move to such a beautiful part of the country, but that does not mean that all residents are happy about it. Many people are coming forward with concerns that they will soon lose their way of life with the influx of out-of-state homebuyers. While Montana still very much holds up its reputation as a farming and agricultural state, we are seeing some expansion in commercial business, road construction, and new housing developments. As well as an increasingly competitive housing market, where more and more people are finding it difficult to afford a home in their own town.


Why are all these people suddenly deciding to move to The Big Sky? Primarily because of the pandemic and politics. Many people are tired of worrying about Covid-19 and being told what they can and cannot do with their personal and professional lives. A great number of people from out of state are looking at the way Montana has been handling the pandemic and quickly getting back to normalcy and these newcomers want the same thing. They see Montana as a place where the progressive culture has not taken over, and where ongoing riots and looting are not experienced. In many cases people are coming here to escape the realities of living in a larger city.


Where are all these new people coming from? Most people moving to Montana from out of state are coming from areas of Washington, California, Colorado, and even Texas. They are longing for a peaceful way of life and the calm atmosphere that the great state of Montana offers. Realistically most people understand that they are moving for a reason, to get away from where they came from and to not bring it along with them. Citizens of Montana are just praying that they do not turn Montana into another California or Washington

With this sudden wave of new residence, Montana has regained another U.S. House seat, bringing back the seat we lost nearly 30 years ago. This means there will be more representation for the state of Montana in Congress. All in all, Montana is going to be just fine. We are lucky to be able to call such a beautiful place home. With views like we have and the freedom to explore thousands and thousands of acres of wilderness, national parks and public land, no wonder everyone wants to be here!