Donna Johnson


Builder Creek Realty

770 West Reserve Drive, Suite 5, Kalispell, MT 59901

Real Estate has been a part of me. A Farmer-Rancher daughter in Montana & Wyoming, I helped my parents remodel & paint a home to accommodate family and outbuildings for livestock. I had two Uncles who were builders in Montana and California. I became exposed to building structures at an early age.  I absorbed additional knowledge and skills on remodels, plumbing, and electrical under professional oversight on personal properties.

During my travels around the US,  I was exposed to different styles of homes.  I became fascinated by diversity of craftmanship and the correlation to how people taylored homes to fit lifestyles and surroundings . I found real estate as a means for me to couple my love of home design with a desire to help people with their need. I’m still enamored with architectural styles around the globe as I travel internationally. There are so many beautiful homes and buildings. Even the seediest, I see what beauty a structure could hold with the right resources to put into it.

I am a native of Montana, a graduate at Temple University and MA studies at Colorado University. I see beauty in all things in nature, and I enjoy assisting others in discovering their personal haven.